Brassero Grill Catering Services Menu

In the mood for Tacos or Wraps?



                  Brassero grill catering menu
                            charcoal grill

tacos & burritos or naked taco (tapa style). We also offer a chips spread which we recommend with our freas quacamole, frijoles ( fried beans spread) and a choice of your favorite salsa. 


-grilled steak ( strip loin or ribeye)
-milanesa ( thin breaded chicken steak or veal
-grilled chicken or tofu in mole sauce( mole, based on peppers peanuts
and chocolate)
-grilled chicken or tofu in mole verde sauce( based on pumpkin seed peppers)

       with topping of your choice

-jalapeno potatoes
-multigrain steamed rice
-refried beans
-frijoles charros ( whole bean seasoned with spice and herbs )
-nopales salad  (tender  cactus with fresh onions, cilantro and tomatoes)
-rajas poblanas( roasted poblano peppers saute with onions and corn in
 a light cream sauce
 and fresh cheese

- salsa verde( green tomatoes sauce
- chipotle sauce
- tamarind (sauce spicy sweet and sour)
- habanero sauce (spicy)

- chile pasilla sauce( black sauce)
- chile morita sauce( smoked spicy)

                      MORE FROM THE CHARCOAL GRILL


 -salmon wild ground salmon seasoned with  fresh parsley and onions
/mozz cheese, roasted poblano peppers
 fresh avacado mustard wasabi, mayonnaise, tamarind and chipotle sauces

-Angus ground beef seasoned with fresh parsley and onions/ mozz
cheese, jalapeno potatoes, roasted poblano peppers,
 fresh guacamole mustard-wasabi mayonnaise, tamarind and chipotle sauces

                                      OTHER TACOS
-fish tacos
 breaded tilapia or halibut with fresh baby spinach, roasted poblano
peppers, pickle cabbage, fresh guacamole, and your fav salsas
 (verde, chipotle and tamarind recommended)

                                          OTHER TYPE OF TACOS
                                           (the one with only fresh
cilantro, onions, lime and your fav salsa, no need for more)

-Al Pastor (seasoned pork slow rotisseried with pineapple )
-Carnitas (pork)
-Barbacoa( lamb)
-suadero (flank steak)

-Salads!! we have tons of delicius salads, let's hear what you like!


-corn bread( made with real corn)