Brassero Grill


Bio: Hi, my name is Fernando Espejel and I love gastronomy, especially Mexican cuisine. My mother is the inspiration behind my love of cooking.  I remember seeing her and helping her out in the kitchen for as long as I can remember, prepping and cooking delicious authentic Mexican food.  Meat marinades, famous grilled tacos, poblano peppers, onions, mole sauce -  her secret recipes of many different dishes made one of his restaurants in Mexico City one of the most famous and beloved taquerias during his time.


I was very fortunate to be born into a family where everyone loves to cook and experiment with new flavors. It is no surprise that I learned to cook at a very young age. After several years of traveling around Mexico and the East Coast area of the United States, I have been making my menu more unique and more experimental by coming up with my own personal creations. While working at the Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I had the chance to develop my own menu.  The dishes were well received among the night crowd at the Shadow Lounge.


History: The idea of Brassero Grill was born from the same concept of how my grandfather started. He started out selling tacos de guisado around the city on his tricycle until he opened up his own restaurant. I started with my customized gourmet truck, which I have personally designed to fit my specific needs.